Building Project

WHY: It is time for Serbia to be reintroduced to Jesus.

Serbia is a nation yearning to be more, looking to become part of the EU, and with cities striving to be recognized for culture. Yet, something is missing. The focus is all on man-made goals and aspirations.
Serbia is also a place where:

  • Drug addicts outnumber Evangelical believers by a ratio of 100:1
  • Abortion is acceptable enough to be considered a form of birth control
  • Our friends, co-workers, and neighbors believe their orthodox birthright earns them a place in paradise, if they believe anything at all

Nexus Church seeks to bring The Word back to the Serbian people. Not the “do’s and don’ts”, not a watered-down Gospel, but the Truth. The messages delivered from the pulpit are relevant, in plain language, and focus on Love God, Love People, Love Life.

VISION: Nexus means - connection point.

Once completed, it will offer more than just space for a weekly church meeting. More than bricks and mortar, this will be a place of life, love, activity, growth, and redemption.
There will be space for:

  • Community events and business center
  • Housing for visiting short-term mission teams
  • Renting office space to local ministries

The location of this building is a miracle. Our neighborhood is Novi Sad’s next growth area. New homes and apartments are springing up in every direction. There are plans to build a new large preschool and a sports center nearby. This all puts Nexus Church at the epicenter of so many lives and so many opportunities to bring the Love of Jesus.


This church building is to be “Temple on The Hill” as Psalmist says.
The building looks like this…

  • The ground floor contains a large multi-purpose room that can seat up to 150 people
  • The first floor contains three offices, a kitchen, and rooms for children ministry. There is also space for a business hub or co-working area
  • The second-floor space is where we have plan to have studios, an apartment, or a hostel, as a business to provide income for the ministry


Total costs: $393,343.00 (US). Amount invested to date:$168,468.00 (US).
Balance needed for completion: $224,875.00 (US). A copy of the detailed budget is available upon request.


Donations towards the Nexus Church building can be made through 4D Ministries.


  • Press the 'Donate' button
  • On the 4d website, scroll down and find the 'Nexus Serbia' button
  • Press the button
  • Enter your payment details and payment frequency (monthly, etc)

Thank you.

For our US donors, 4D Ministries is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 organization. Receipts will be sent for tax purposes.