Why Does Nexus Church Exist?

Nexus Church is here to Love God, Love People, and Love Life.

Love God.

Yes, we believe there is a God. We believe He created everything and His handiwork is evident in the splendor of the night sky, in the intricate detail of a snowflake, and most of all, in the messy, crazy diversity of the human race.
We also believe God loves us. He longs to be in relationship with us, to overcome the separation created by sin. He sacrificed His Son Jesus to give us a way to reconnect with Him. He wants us back, all of us.

The history of God’s patience, understanding, love, and yearning to reach us, is written out in a book called The Bible. Written over thousands of years, by dozens of authors, it is the Ultimate Love Story.

Many people mistake The Bible for a Book of Rules. Many religions seem to be a list of Don’ts. Following rules is not what God wants. God, through the words of Jesus, summed up the two greatest Do’s. "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and Love your neighbor as yourself." This is all God asks. Everything else follows.

Love People.

Who else is there? Look around. We are surrounded by people. People who are incomplete without real Love. God pours out the Love we all need. It is a gift, a blessing, not to be kept, but to be shared. There is no limit on how much we can love others.

How does this Love look? Fellowship, friendship, forgiveness, sharing burdens, listening, caring, and worshiping together. We share love in a community of different called church. Not a place, but a commitment to one another.

Love Life.

When in a relationship with Jesus, and others in a shared faith, the world does not suddenly become a pain-free paradise. There will be good days, and terrible days, and in-between days. But, when one is learning to Love God and others more and more, there is Purpose. There is Strength. There is Overcoming. There is Hope.
As we share our lives and love with others, we grow, they grow. We laugh, cry, and learn about just how wonderful Life can be in Jesus.

These three simple instructions sum up what Nexus Church strives to achieve. We understand it is a journey. We know everyone is at a different place along the path. That’s OK. We are all in this together, and you are welcome to join us… just as you are.

The source of our beliefs are these words from the Bible