How does Nexus Church Love God,
Love People, and Love Life?

Like any other recipe, it is the mixture of the ingredients that provide you with the results you seek, and once mixed together, they cannot be separated.

By loving God, we are compelled to love people, and love life. The love God will pour into your life is an overdose….it is too much for us to keep to ourselves. It will overflow into the lives of those with whom we connect. God’s love becomes part of everything we do. Yes, everything.

This combination of Love has many different faces. It can look like..

  • Us gathering together for a Sunday evening
  • Us singing songs of praise and worship
  • Us praying and caring for one another
  • A chat over a cup of coffee
  • Serving in the local community

So, it is like a crazy soup, filled with all of our personalities, differences, talents, and our shortcomings. But mixed with a love so pure and genuine, we all become better human beings. At the risk of sounding “churchy”, we become more Christ-like.